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these guys are my pride and joy ...

i always thought i was a dog person, having been raised with several ... i knew that, with every cat you'd get a free box of cat poop ... and then my last ex-boyfriend came along. he wanted cats, and i reluctantly agreed ... we even rented an apartment knowing that we'd expected to have pets and we ensured that the lease permitted us to have two cats.

and we did get two cats that october ... marcus and natasha. these were their names at the shelter--we didn't know, at the time, whether they knew their names or not so we didn't change them ...

tasha and marcus

it wasn't difficult, really. we went to the animal care and control agency here in san francisco and found marcus and tasha in adjacent cages. marcus reached a paw out of the cage and grabbed my leg, and that was that. years later, when b and i went our separate ways, tasha and marcus stayed with me ...

of course, they have their own unique personalities ... tasha is more independent (although she is more prone to visit with people now than she ever was in the past), and marcus is more of a ham ... this is marcus out on my deck during a windy day ... it won a prize with the sfspca annual photo contest last year!

it's hard to tell from the photos, but he really is a big kitty ... i guess he weighs about 35 pounds now ... he seems to be a maine coon cat, and they tend to get large ... but he's just plain ol' fat, too ...

chelsea came along later ... although, as it turns out, she's about the same age as marcus. got her at the acc shelter, too, under different circumstances. she's a ham in her own right, and very persistent ... and very willful--lift her off a chair or move her to a different part of the bed and you'll feel the wrath of kitty!

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a local no-kill shelter
the san francisco spca has a "no-kill" policy, and they perform a wide variety of community services.
check them out!

animal care and control
is the municipal agency that takes care of lost animals, provides dog licenses, and takes in animals of all sorts in the city and county of san francisco. they adopt out strays to new homes, just like the sf spca.
see the details here.

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