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 !  under asking price ... at the height of the housing boom?!?

yah. that's what i did. not really a big deal, you'd think, but asking prices for houses i looked at were $379,000 and up ... and it wasn't unusual to see a house sell for 20-40% above the asking price!

henry's home, from the front

so here it is ... exactly as i purchased it (see the sign in the upper right hand window? that's the "FOR SALE" sign ... ). a modest home by san francisco standards (notice it's not a victorian or a mansion), it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms (not bad since it's only me living there!)

there's a large-ish backyard (according to san francisco standards), and the entire downstairs is unmodified ... so that garage door you see leads to a garage that runs all the way to the back of the house (most of the homes in the neighborhood have had these spaces turned into "in-law" apartments that look pretty awful). since i don't drive a car, my garage has become the storage dump for all my friends ...

projects on the project list (since i don't have lots of cash at the moment) include a new deck, hot tub, landscaping, and new windows!

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follow this link to see henry's old website. it was professionally designed, and (as you can tell) professionally neglected by yours truly. some filesystem damage a long time ago broke some of the images, and i unfortunately didn't have backups :(
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