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 !  so what passes for play here, anyway?!?

well, lately i'm a bit of a homebody ...

especially since i've been travelling frequently for work ... i have, in the past, done lots of travelling (for business and pleasure) but lately i like to stay closer to home where i engage in quieter pasttimes like communing with my kitties, going to local shows, collecting coins, listening to the radio, ...

i keep thinking i'm going to get involved in some home improvement projects, too, but they always seem to somehow be out of grasp--i'm not particularly handy, and money has been short these past few years ... projects on the project list (since i don't have lots of cash at the moment) include a new deck, hot tub, landscaping, and new windows!

i've done sone volunteering--i've helped with the local bear club. here i am doling out t-shirts and pins at international bear rendezvous--bosf's major annual fundraiser ... as you can see, the photo was taken by my friend, lynn ludwig, who loves taking photos (i'd guess conservatively he takes tens of thousands of photos, on film and on digital media, each year).


 !  stuff
what will st peter ask at the pearly gates?
i'm betting the critical question will be "did you support public television and public radio?" find your local tv station or radio station and pledge today!

bears of san francisco: ten years of fun and community service
i'm a founding member and former member of the board of directors of the bears of san francisco, a social organization of charitable intent. over the years the club has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities around the world ...
come join in on the fun!

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