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 !  a 26-year career in academia ... kinda

having started in the fall of 1980, my academic career takes our hero (and the casual observer as well) from syracuse, out to purdue, with brief pit stops at harvard and the city college of san francisco before settling down at the rochester institute of technology. read all about how i came to travel this unusual path, and maybe a bit about what's next.

it goes kinda like this: started at syracuse in 1980 ... ran out of money. went to purdue (since it seemed cheaper) ... hated it and ran out of money. worked for a long time, taking brief pit stops at the harvard university extension (which is a great way to study at harvard, and much cheaper than the day program, too!) and the city college of san francisco (where i took a telecourse with a friend).

this path ultimately led me to rit's distance learning program (now called "online learning"). definitely a great way to study. right now it looks like i may graduate during the summer of 2006 (barring any unforeseen problems, that is). your mileage may vary, batteries not included, and all those other kinds of disclaimers probably apply here.

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