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there. i said it. "professional geek." you read about people like me in scott adams' dilbert comic strip. i'm "the it guy" ... or, lately, the it group manager.

you can see how i got to this point by reading my resume ... you'll need to have adobe acrobat reader installed to view it. i think it's pretty unremarkable, although i've worked at a few cool places over the years. i've also worked at a few places that bore a close resemblance to peyton place, and a few more that could easily have been the inspiration for scott adams' cartoon.

not bored enough yet? check out the list below ... every employer i've ever worked for, in order, since high school. (employers with hyperlinks will open a new browser window when clicked).


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see henry's career as documented with old coffee mugs!
true! you could click on the link to the left and see the text of my resume, or you can click below and see my career as illustrated by coffee mugs received at each employer. (not yet available, so don't click. really!)
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